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hjms01Hoijeon Moosool is a modern martial art founded on Korean Hapkido principles. Hoijeon Moosool (also spelled Hoi Jeon Moo Sool, Hoi Jeon Moo Do, HJMS, 회전무술) means “rotation” or “Circular Martial Art.” The key philosophy of Hoijeon Moosool highlights the power of rotational or circular motion, emphasizing leverage and mechanical advantage over brute force and strength.

Hoijeon Moosool is a gentler martial art that focuses almost exclusively on simple & practical self defense techniques for a variety of situations. Power is de-emphasized, allowing opponents to defend themselves with minimal strength and effort. Through circular motions, precise timing, and unique footwork, Hoijeon Moosool  allows practitioners to redirect an attacking opponent and strike at weak points (such as joints), vital spots, and/or “pressure points”.

Our Hoijeon Moosool curriculum teaches a variety of strikes, blocks, standing joint-locks, punches, kicks, throws, sword & staff techniques, and proper falling techniques. Training in Hoijeon Moosool helps students to develop balance, co-ordination, and inner “hidden” strength.

Our academy is the only school in Michigan with certified World Hoijeon Moosool Federation (WHJMS) instructors officially sanctioned to teach Hoijeon Moosool.

Hoijeon Moosool is great for:

  • Women seeking an effective self defense system
  • Employees in Police, Security, Defense and other related fields
  • People seeking development of coordination, balance, and flexibility
  • Students looking to develop confidence, awareness, and discipline