Great Lakes Cup Taekwondo Tournament 2016

GLC2016_016Congratulations to our NATA competition team for a job well done at the 2016 Great Lakes Cup Taekwondo Tournament. Everyone worked hard and fought harder, representing our dojang with class and respect.  Plenty of trophies, first, second, and third place, as well as a bunch of hard earned smiles. Great job everyone!

Hoijeon Boon Yuk Bup

Hoijeon Boon Yuk Bup - Dividing power by rotation

Hoijeon Boon Yuk Bup – Dividing power by rotation

The neutralizing way of this revolving art (Hoijeon Moosool) is like a stream of water, where the force of an opponent is swept away by the current of one’s correct motion.

When you match an opponent’s force with your own force, both become hurt and the conflict isn’t resolved quickly. However, if one learns to divert the opponents force correctly through flowing, even a small person with a slight motion can defend a much stronger and more powerful attack. This neutralizing principle of Hoijeon Moosool is the foundation of our approach to self defense.


Hoijeon Moosool Seal


The Hoijeon Moosool logo consists of three main colors; red, blue, and white. These three colors are symbols of three phenomena:

  • The red color resembles the sky
  • The blue color resembles the earth
  • The white color, which separates the red and the blue colors, resembles human being.

These phenomena accumulate to make a inner power (ki). Each technique Hoijeon Moosool promotes this inner power and harmony in your body. These techniques are designed to teach you the construction of your body and how your muscles and nerves work, From here, you will then be able to improve the health of your mind and body and defend yourself effectively.

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